What is Lindy Dojo?

The short answer: Lindy Dojo is Boston Lindy Hop's weekly assisted practice session, for both students and non-students.

Do you want an opportunity to work on your dancing and get feedback from teachers and other more advanced dancers?  Come to Lindy Dojo, every Thursday evening from 7pm to 9pm.  It's one of the best opportunities in town to practice and refine your dancing, no matter your level or experience.

At Lindy Dojo, we invite anyone who already knows the basics to come and work with the beginners and advanced beginners. Additionally, we have a dedicated BLH instructor to spin music, to assist you with your questions and to provide you with personalized feedback.  Many other BLH teachers often come to help out, too. Learning from classes is good, but receiving one-on-one help is amazing, especially if you want to solidify the techniques and ideas that you've learned in class.

Ever heard of the zone of proximal development?  Well, the idea behind Lindy Dojo is to greatly accelerate the rate at which our students learn and retain material by giving them a structured place to practice with expert help. Dojo is not designed to replace private lessons, but it is sort of like getting a micro-private lesson in the middle of an open practice session.

Even if you are not taking one of our classes, you are still welcome to come to Dojo and work on your dancing with others.

What happens at Dojo?

Because Lindy Dojo runs from 7pm to 9pm on Thursdays, we run Dojo simultaneously with our regular Thursday classes in the next room at Church of Our Saviour. We always have 1-2 instructors dedicated to staffing Lindy Dojo during that time, although sometimes the individual running Dojo will change at 8pm if they are teaching a class during that time.

For our level 1, level 2 and, and Fundamentals students, we invite you to take this time to practice what you've recently learned, and to ask the instructors for feedback and tips. For Level 3 and higher students, we also welcome you to come to work on your dancing, although we ask that you give priority to newer students who may have questions before working with the dedicated instructor.

We also strongly encourage our highest level students and other more advanced dancers to work with newer students.  Helping others not only helps you to build a strong community, but it also helps you to understand, break down, and improve your own dancing. Try to mix up how much you help vs. how much you ask for help.  If you're ever uncertain or concerned about what advice to give, reach out to an instructor.

To get the most out of your experience at Dojo, be proactive! Don't be afraid to find an instructor and ask them for feedback or help with something you're practicing. Dance with different partners -- this is one of the best ways to improve. And when you've gotten enough feedback that your brain feels full, allow yourself to stop taking more input and just practice.

Finally, be sure to stick around. When Dojo and classes conclude at 9pm, we often like to go socialize at a nearby pub. Join us!  It's a great way to meet other dancers and become part of the community.

Are classes and Dojo enough?

If you have as much fun dancing as we do and want to get really good so as to enjoy it even more, you should definitely start social dancing in addition to taking classes and attending Dojo.

See our Dancing in Boston page for more details on where to dance. Invite some of your classmates to join you so you know people at the dance. Or come on one of our regular group outings to a local Boston-area social dance! These outings are generally announced in classes and in our newsletter.

Other ways to improve include taking private lessons and attending workshop weekends, camps, and competition weekends. Most BLH instructors are available for private lessons, too. If you're interested to know more about private lessons, just ask your favorite instructor!

Dojo Passes

Plan to attend Lindy Dojo regularly and want to save some cash? Buy a Lindy Dojo pass, for $40 you get ten entries to Lindy Dojo. When you attend Lindy Dojo the coordinator will punch your card and after ten punches you can bring in the completed card for a free entrance!