July 2017: Mini-Series: The Art of the Steal

Thursdays, 07:00 PM at Jeannette Neill Dance Studio, Beginning July 27th

with Cari Meisel and Lee Tucker

Class Schedule:
July 27, 07:00 - 09:00 PM

Jeannette Neill Dance Studio
261 Friend Street
Boston, MA 02114
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Pricing:  One-Week Mini-Series

Class Description

Did you just see a cool trick on YouTube and wish that you could learn it, too?  Do you marvel at how your favorite dancer's style can feel so personal to them, and wish that you had that kind of voice in your dancing?  But, do you worry that by stealing other people's moves, you'll just stifle your own creativity?

We believe that dancing should be about expressing your own ideas and feelings, not just someone else's.  That's why we're offering this special two-hour mini-series on how to take moves from other people and make them your own.  Expand your creative voice in new and exciting ways!

First, we'll work through some of the tools that we use to break down the moves that we see and distill them to their essence.  Then, we'll look for new ways to tweak and personalize those same moves to suit our bodies, our moods, the music, etc.  We hope you'll leave this class with both the tools and the inspiration to steal, steal, steal!

Prerequisites: At least one Lindy 2 and at least one Fundamentals class series.