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We take your feedback seriously.  Anyone who has taken our classes knows that we provide students the opportunity to give feedback at the end of each class series.  However, perhaps you want to leave more detailed anonymous feedback about how we're doing.

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Private Lessons

For private lessons, get in touch with our instructors directly.

Our Team

Boston Lindy Hop is run by a board that includes several of our instructors.

  • Edgar Herwick - Finances, Branding, and Studio Merchandise  
  • Cari Meisel - Class Logistics and Organization
  • Andrew Selzer - Owner, Marketing, and Web development
  • Hannah Catzen - T.B.D.
  • Cassie Filios - T.B.D.

For all general questions, and all questions relating to class instruction, we ask that you contact us at However, if your issue relates to a more specific issue, you may contact the board members directly.

We also have several staff members to handle daily operations.

  • Kathryn Kell - Operations Marketing Coordinator/Visual Designer
  • Megan Rothe - Paid Marketing Coordinator
  • Raquel Rozone - Communications Coordinator


Running the studio is a lot of fun! But it is also a lot of work. We're always looking for people with great ideas and a passion for building the dance community!

Some ideas of things we can use help with:

  • Making sure we have fliers at all local dances
  • Searching for new and exciting venues for both classes and special events
  • Lawyers to help with incorporation type stuff
  • Accountants to help with tax advice
  • Devising and implementing new types of outreach to the broader community
  • Bringing world peace to all through dance

Got ideas?  Wanna help? Email us for more info.