Boston Lindy Hop Policies

We try to keep things simple at Boston Lindy Hop, but in order to create a productive and welcoming environment for all students and teachers we must ask everyone to please observe the following policies:

The Boston Lindy Hop Code of Conduct

Boston Lindy Hop is dedicated to providing a harassment-free event experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, dance skill level, or dance role. We do not tolerate harassment of event participants in any form. Event participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event without a refund at the discretion of the event organizers or the course instructors.

Harassment includes but is not limited to deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording, sustained disruption of events, inappropriate physical contact, unwelcome sexual attention, and offensive verbal comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, dance skill level, dance role. Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

If a participant engages in harassing behavior, the event organizers or the course instructors may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender or expulsion from the event with no refund.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact an event organizer or a course instructor immediately, or email if you'd prefer. Organizers and instructors will be happy to help participants contact local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe during our classes. We value your attendance.

The Boston Lindy Hop Code of Conduct is adopted from the Philadelphia Lindy and Blues Anti-Harrassment Policy and is licensed in the public domain under a Creative Commons Zero license. Please feel free to adopt our policy to your establishment as you see fit.

General Policies

  • We want our classes and events to be a comfortable environment for all our students, so we take our Code of Conduct seriously. Don’t harass anyone for any reason. We (the organizers and instructors at Boston Lindy Hop) reserve the right to take any action we deem appropriate in the event that harassment is occurring.
  • Arrive to class on time; doors will close and students will not be admitted into class 15 minutes after the stated start time.
  • Out of respect for the instructors and your fellow dancers, please do not give unsolicited feedback to other dancers unless directed to do so by an instructor. To quote Mobtown Ballroom in Baltimore, “In our experience the people who do this are usually wrong (and always annoying).”
  • Turn off or silence all cellular devices before the beginning of class.
  • Throw out all trash and do not consume any food or drink (besides water) in the dance studio.
  • Please do not touch the exercise equipment in the studio, or any other equipment that is not being used for the class.
  • Sometimes, an instructor will determine that a student is not prepared for a particular higher-level class.  In these cases, instructors may ask the student to change classes or to withdraw from the course at their discretion.  We will gladly issue full refunds for any classes not taken, or issue a voucher for future classes when this occurs.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

  • In general, we do not cancel classes for inclement weather unless the T is not operational or there is a snow emergency that would prevent students from getting to class.  However, in the event that class or an event is canceled, we will announce it on the website, and we will attempt to email all registered users to let them know as well.
  • In cases of very low enrollment, we may be forced to cancel a class series.  If this happens, we will email any enrolled students by 11am on the day of the first class, and we will provide those students with a full refund.
  • We cannot refund students for classes that they have registered for but do not attend. In addition, we do not sell partial class series.

Above all, if you have any questions, please contact us at  Or, if you would prefer, you can use our Feedback Form.

A more detailed version of our General Policies for Boston Lindy Hop can be found in this Google Document.