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On Thursday nights at Jeannette Neill Dance Studio, our class offerings change from month to month. We typically offer one Lindy 3 class, which you should take if you feel comfortable with all of the Lindy 2 material. Lindy 3 series topics change every month at the discretion of the instructors, and there is no set curriculum - so if you see a class you're interested in, make sure to take it, because it may not be offered again!

The other class slot on Thursdays may be filled with a practice session or a Fundamentals class, depending on the month. Practice sessions are open to all students, and are a great opportunity to work on your skills and ask any questions you may have. Fundamentals classes are open to any students who have taken Lindy 1, and will cover topics that the instructors think students should be working on in a given month.

Check out the class registration page to see what's coming up next!