Katie Piselli

Katie (she/her) began her dance career as a toddler in her mother’s dance studio and has since spent her years training professionally in dance and Musical Theater Performance. As dancing was always her favorite form of expression, she was thrilled to be introduced (by her hubby) to a social dance that went with every jazz song she ever loved: the Lindy Hop! She is now a regular in the Boston scene, dancing Lindy Hop as well as Balboa, West Coast, Charleston, and Authentic Solo Jazz. Katie travels out of state regularly to social dance, compete, study, and perform. She is also a passionate, high energy, and approachable teacher who focuses on how to make social dancing fun and feel great with every partner at every level. It is her greatest joy to share these dances with anyone who wants to learn.

Marta Pedrero

Marta (she/her) discovered Lindy Hop in the streets of Barcelona - the city where she was born and raised. By then, in 2012, she had already been dancing contemporary since age 4, but now she's a swing fanatic! She taught in Barcelona for several years before moving to Boston where she teaches and organizes events for Boston Lindy Hop. If you travel the workshop circuit you've likely seen Marta there. She generally heads out to festivals once a month, and she never misses Snowball, HDC, Savoy Cup, SONH and Nevermore.

When Marta is not teaching dance, she is teaching school children in the Boston suburb of Brookline; teaching is her career, on and off the dance floor. She values students' individuality and fosters self-expression. As a dance instructor, she passes on the Lindy Hop tradition while also encouraging students to dance with their own accent. That means feeling the music and listening to their bodies. "I want it to be natural," she says.

For Marta, dancing with a partner is all about communication and respect. "Making my partner feel cared for is part of the joy for both of us."

Mari Adams

Mariel (Mari) Adams (she/her) has been swing dancing for more than two decades (literally 2/3rds of her life) starting the first time when she was taken out dancing with her mom in 1998 (instead of getting a baby sitter – boringggg), and she still loves it! She has worked as a dance teacher since 2007, teaching and choreographing a variety of dance styles in high school and college, and has since focused on Lindy Hop and vernacular Jazz for much of her adult life. She has a background in performing arts (vocal & theater/improv) and other dance styles (Latin dancing, west coast swing, hip hop, jazz, ballet, modern, west African), which makes for an eclectic style of emotion, character, and dynamics within her dancing. Dance is one of her favorite forms of expression because it includes the entire body and mind at once. It’s a great way to exercise and reduce stress! Dance frees people to move, enjoy their bodies, and express themselves. Mari is a huge proponent of dancers exploring their individual movement and inspiring each other through a conversation with the instruments/musicians and dance. She has a special place in her heart for soul, blues, and classing swing music, and to her Social Dancing is the most important reason for spreading the love of Lindy Hop.

Cari Meisel

Cari (she/her) got her start dancing in 2009 when she accidentally tried out for Penn’s West Philly Swingers dance troupe. She was hooked from the first triple step, and hasn't stopped swinging out since! After graduating, she became involved in teaching and organizing for Lindy and Blues in Philadelphia, and picked up a serious dance-travel bug. In 2013, Cari moved to Boston to start graduate school, and, of course, to do more dancing. She loves creativity, comfortable connection, and communication in all her dances, and would be happy to talk your ear off any time about dancing, teaching ideas, and/or ways to practice dance at home alone and not wake your neighbors.

Cassie Filios

Cassie's (she/her) nickname as a kid was “dancing fancy”. She loved to dress up and dance in front of the giant mirror in her family’s hallway. Obviously, her dream job was to be a tap-dancing orthodontist. While her dream career never took off, the need to groove stayed strong and in 2013 she went looking for dance classes in Boston. Lindy Hop’s focus on connecting with the music and your partner was love from the beginning. Well almost. Cassie didn’t go out social dancing for over nine months. Learn from her mistakes. Go out social dancing. Anyway, after a year of Lindy Hop she started Balboa too, and loved learning new ways of partner dancing and showing the music. Cassie values individuality and strives to learn and teach how to make dancing work for yourself and fit with your partner. She thinks you can pretty much dance any way you want so long as it’s connected and you feel like the music made you do it. In addition to social dancing and teaching, Cassie also organizes for a few Boston swing dance organizations. When Cassie’s not dancing, she probably cooking or trying on outfits (ok, and dancing) in front of her mirror - some things never change.

Hannah Catzen

Hannah (she/her) first discovered Lindy Hop in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland in the summer of 2009, but didn't really pick it up until she moved to Boston in the fall of 2011 after finishing school. Drawing on 15+ years of music training, Hannah's teaching (and dancing) focuses on locking in with the music, rocking your basics, and triple stepping in the grocery store. She digs a steady pulse, comfy connections, and partners who smile. Off the dance floor, Hannah spends her time playing upright bass, riding her bike, and gardening.

Edgar B. Herwick III

Edgar (he/him) hails from the booming metropolis of Frackville, Pennsylvania where he learned how to build a fire, cut keys, and change a tire -- but not do a swingout. A guitar player with a background in theater – Edgar figures that music and dance have been a part of his life for three decades. He began studying Lindy Hop in Boston around 2009. He's learned from dancers here and around the country, and spent considerable time working under Daryl Begin and Jennifer Stout at Providence Swings in Rhode Island. Edgar can be seen regularly on the social dance floors here in Boston and at the occasional regional or national event. He's also competed in Jack & Jill competitions both regionally and nationally (with mixed results). As a teacher, Edgar believes strongly in the music, watching video, and practicing your dancing. He strives to move with purpose and dance with conviction and hopes to inspire his students to do the same. He's also emceed dance events and competitions including Providence Swings' Dirty Dozen Weekend and Beantown Camp. When not dancing, Edgar is a radio host and producer for 89.7 WGBH – Boston Public Radio. He leaves you with this: “When you are dancing with your partner, for that two and a half minutes, you are in love with each other…It’s a love affair, between you and your partner and the music." -Frankie Manning

Dang Mai

Dang's (he/him) first foray into swing dancing happened in 2013 when he was lured in by a LivingSocial deal for a New School Swing class. Little did he know how many places that deal would take him, how many friends he would make, and how much time he would spend thinking about and practicing the dance. He has competed and placed at multiple local and regional events - Boston Tea Party, Beantown Camp, Dirty Dozen Weekend to name a few. As a teacher, he injects rhythmic consistency, movement flow and an occasional shimmy into his lessons. His ultimate evil plan? Getting all his students to clap on 2 and 4 groove to swing music like it was the 30s all over again.

Ken Thomas

Ken (he/him) started Lindy Hopping with New School Swing when he moved to Boston in 2010, and was immediately hooked!  He started teaching with New School in 2014.  Ken thinks that social dancing is an excellent way to have a fun conversation with a friend or a stranger, and values equally both creativity and clear relaxed partnership.  If you social dance in Boston, you'll probably see him out.  Ask him to dance!

Andrew Selzer

Andrew Selzer (he/him) is a teacher, choreographer, and performer who began swing dancing at The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) Swing Dance Club. A native of Southern California, Andrew had a unique swing dance upbringing from learning and dancing on both coasts of the United States. At Penn State and the central Pennsylvania area he had the opportunity to teach, DJ, and organize workshops for several years until his college graduation. His travel bug has taken him to places such as Paris, France and Herräng, Sweden, and led to experiences that have provided him with a smorgasbord of influences to draw upon in addition to his about 10 years of swing dance teaching experience a classroom setting .

When it comes to teaching, Andrew's three priorities are paying attention to your partner, being inspired by the music, and putting emphasis on "T’aint what you do it’s the way that you do it". To learn more about his past accomplishments check out this webpage.

Mike Herring

Mike (he/him) started tapping at the age of six after watching Mary Poppins and deciding that he too would like to smear soot on his face and dance on chimneys. A student of tap, jazz, ballet, and swing, he started teaching during his first year at UVA with the University Dance Club, choreographing for eight straight semesters. He later joined the staff at the Wilson School of Dance where he taught for the next nine years. During his time in Charlottesville he also ran the UVA Swing Dance Club, was an occasional guest performer with ACME Swing Mfg. Co, and was later a founding member of SwingCville, where he helped organize Lindustrial Revolution and ran a swing performance team. Now a resident of Boston, Mike has been guest-teaching with Boston Lindy Hop and is also a performing member of the Boston Tap Company. His teaching credits include Jammin on the James, My Lindy Kraze, The Process, and Lindy Focus.


Andrea Byrnes

Andrea (she/her) began taking dance classes in primary school where she fell in love with Irish step dancing.  She performed, competed, and taught Irish dancing for over two decades. She began studying Lindy Hop in Durham, North Carolina during graduate school. After moving to Boston in 2014, Andrea dove into Lindy Hop at New School Swing, and later at Boston Lindy Hop. Eventually, her swing dance curiosities led her to Charleston, Balboa, and Authentic Solo Jazz, St. Louis Shag, Collegiate Shag, and of course more Lindy Hop. Since then, she’s traveled to numerous swing dance festivals, competitions, and workshops. As a student and teacher, Andrea loves rhythm, music, and focused practice. She strives for expressive, athletic dancing and loves sharing and evolving ideas with other dancers.

Retired/Former Instructors

The organization that is now Boston Lindy Hop merged with a former swing dance school named New School Swing in 2016.  New School Swing was founded in 2010 by Shawn Hershey, Amanda Gruhl, and Nicole Zuckerman. Since that time, we have had many instructors who are no longer in the Boston area or are otherwise no longer teaching with us. Check them out here!