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Monday Night Practice Jam Circle

Note: Upcoming classes are posted on the registration page. Please review our policies page for updated COVID-19 policies before registering.


Monday Night Classes

We currently offer classes at First Church in Harvard Square from 7:00-9:00pm on Mondays. See the registration page for upcoming classes.

Monday Night Practice (Dance)

Monday Night Practice (MNP) is dance run by a seperate organization that occasionally takes place in the same space as our classes. The dance starts as soon as classes end and runs from 9:00pm-10:45. Monday Night Practice costs $8 ($5 for folks under 23 with a student ID).

See the Monday Night Practice Facebook page for upcoming dances

We strongly encourage anyone registered for BLH classes to stay for the dance, Monday Night Practice. This social dance is a great place to practice your classroom concepts and material!

MNP Special Deal for BLH Students*

We know that as a new dancer, it's not always easy to practice on your own. We want to make it easy for you to work on your dancing; that's why we've created a special arrangement with Monday Night Practice. BLH students who take any weekly class series allowed are allowed free entry to the dance for as long as the series is in session! You just have to go to the registration table and say you are on the BLH list.

*Note: Free entry to MNP only applies to students who are taking weekly series classes. This deal does not apply to students taking drop-in classes, special workshops, practice sessions, or Swing 101.

And don't forget, there are plenty more opportunities to dance around town. Check out our friends on Friday nights over at Boston Swing Central, as well as the numerous other dances around town. For more information, check our dancing in Boston webpage.