November 2022: Zero to Sixty: How fundamentals influence complex ideas

Andrew Selzer Andrea Byrnes

Mondays, 07:00 PM at First Church in Cambridge, Beginning November 28th

with Andrew Selzer and Andrea Byrnes

Class Schedule:
November 28, 07:00 - 09:00 PM

First Church in Cambridge
11 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
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Pricing:  Special Workshop

Class Description

Why should I swing all my triple steps? Why does it matter that I have good posture? Who cares if I stay close enough to my partner? In this class, we’ll take progressions of classic Lindy Hop movements, from Lindy 1 through Lindy 3 and beyond, focusing on common elements of technique that make them all tick. As complex movements can shed light on hidden weaknesses, working on basics can strengthen our abilities to execute complex movements with ease and comfort. Come prepared to revisit fundamentals and build upon them to create new rhythms and shapes.

Prerequisites: At least two Lindy 2 courses required, some Lindy 3 highly encouraged. All participants must be comfortable with swing outs and tuck turns at a wide range of tempos.