May 2024: Special Topics: Watch Your Tone!

Tuesdays, 07:00 PM at Church of Our Saviour in Brookline, Beginning May 14th

with Zachary del Rosario and Andrea Byrnes

Class Schedule:
May 14, 07:00 - 09:00 PM

Church of Our Saviour in Brookline
25 Monmouth St.
Brookline, MA 02446
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Pricing:  Workshop (2hr)

Class Description

Unlock kind, clear communication in your dancing. Tone is one of many concepts partner dancers can use to describe how we connect to our partners and the music. For many dancers, it is a useful tool in developing efficient communication in a partnership. In this class, we'll define what we mean by "tone" and explore how we can use it to lead and follow a wide range of movements with increased accuracy and ease. Come prepared to polish some canonical Lindy Hop movements and add some new ones to your repertoire!

Prerequisites: Lindy 1 and at least one Lindy 2 class, or equivalent

COVID-19 Policy: For this in-person class, we are proof of up-to-date vaccination (including boosters as applicable). Masks are optional. If a COVID spike is observed, the instructors reserve the right to ask folks to dance masked.