Swing 101: Get out on the dance floor!

Swing 101 is a beginner-friendly class designed to get you comfortable with the basics of social dancing in just two hours! We cover slightly different material depending on who is teaching, but we can guarantee you a fun and active lesson - and a great way to spend a weekend afternoon. No partner or previous experience is required. Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes - heels are allowed, but not recommended.

The time and location of Swing 101 varies, so please check out our Class Registration page to see when it's happening next!

Special Swing 101 Discounts for Existing Boston Lindy Hop Students!

Swing 101 isn't just for brand new dancers, it's a great opportunity for existing dancers, too.  Why, you ask?

  1. We all have non-dancing friends, and inviting them to take Swing 101 with you is a great way to get them started with dancing!
  2. We've been running a feedback/teaching skill share after each of the Swing 101 workshops for those who are interested. We invite experienced dancers to attend and then afterwards join us for drinks at Porter's to discuss the class in terms of how we taught it and the feedback given. This is an open discussion setting where whoever shows up can decide how the conversation goes.
  3. It's always great to work on fundamentals or perhaps you have been looking for a reason to learn them in the opposite role you are used to.

That's why we've set up special discounts for existing Boston Lindy Hop students who take Swing 101.  Instead of paying the regular $30 price, you can attend for cheap or free!

Just do one of the following things:

  • Pay $10 + no effort: Sign up online or pay cash at the door, using the voucher code SWING101RULES to get a $20 discount off the regular price.  Be sure to use the same email address to register for classes that you have used in the past, so that our registration system can verify that you're an existing student.
  • Pay $5 + low effort: Share the link to our classes page (http://<wbr/>www.bostonlindyhop.com/<wbr/>register/) on your Facebook wall and mention the Swing 101 class at least 2 days before class.  Then either mail a screenshot to info@bostonlindyhop.com with the subject "Swing 101," or tag Boston Lindy Hop on Facebook.  We'll send you a special voucher code so that you can register for only $5!
  • Pay nothing and bring a friend! Have a friend sign up for the workshops and put "Another Student" under "Where did you hear about us," then put your name in the comments.  Then send us an email at info@bostonlindyhop.com with the subject line "Swing 101" and we'll make sure you're on the list to attend for free!
  • Pay nothing and write a review!  If you have taken one of our classes, give us a review on Yelp(http://www.yelp.com/biz/<wbr/>boston-lindy-hop-boston) or Google+(https://plus.google.com/<wbr/>+Bostonlindyhop).  Then take a screenshot or send us a link to info@bostonlindyhop.com with the subject line "Swing 101" and we'll make sure you're on the list to attend for free!  Note: Please only use Yelp if you are an established member, otherwise they will filter your review.